Our Youth Mentoring Program provides academic and social-emotional support to at-promise students ages 13-24 using Dr. Torie Weiston-Serdan’s critical mentoring approach.


Students are at the forefront of the mentoring experience, are empowered to develop their critical consciousness and leadership skills, and learn to harness the knowledge and skills they already possess to reach their personal and academic goals.


Students form interpersonal relationships with their mentors through one-on-one interactions and lead restorative circles with their peers around issues relevant to their experiences, challenges, and goals alongside the guidance of a mentor.

Project Hope CA

Community engagement

We host Community Resource Fairs, theme-based workshops and presentations, and monthly “CommUNITY Pull-Up” events in Pomona and throughout Los Angeles County.


At our Resource Fairs and CommUNITY Pull-Up events, we collaborate with our multi-sector, multi-agency partners to provide free resources and knowledge to bridge the gap between residents and the local community resources available to them. All resources provided are free, including but not limited to: haircuts, groceries, clothing, career & employment, sanitation supplies, basic toiletries, health care screenings and immunizations, homeless services, victim services, legal services, substance treatment, and admissions representatives from various colleges and their programs. Partners include nonprofit organizations, grassroots advocacy organizations, healthcare providers, government agencies, and local colleges.


These events are free and open to all community members with the purpose of welcoming and serving those most in need.

Project Hope CA


Through our Re-entry Component, we provide mentoring, social support services, and leadership development to justice-impacted individuals and other high-opportunity participants in Pomona.


These services include the following: Case Management, Family Engagement, Gang Prevention and Intervention, Educational Services, Workforce Development, Advocacy, Peer Mentoring, and Violence Reduction Strategies. Staff with lived experiences serve as credible role models to the program participants. 


Staff acts as liaisons for juveniles/adults, their families, probation/parole, the courts, and other involved agencies to provide instrumental support and linkages to resources such as housing, mental health, substance treatment, healthcare, employment services, transportation, work-ready documents, etc.

Project Hope CA

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